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Cancelation Policy:

Sk Web Developers is asking 50% advance of the total amount of your website bill before the work starts. This amount will not be refunded in any cases.

Once the invoice is fully paid and the website delivered no refund can be done.

Domain transfer policy:

50€ will be charged if you wish to transfer you domain from the SK Web Developers Hosting to any third party (charges of the third party not included). If you transfer your domain during the offer of the "1 year free hosting" the hosting charges will apply for the first year (60€).

SSL fees won't be refunded.

If maintenance is required for reinstalling your website on your new hosting, charges will be 30€.

Website access policy:

Please note that you can take the access of your website (CMS or Source Coding) anytime, for that please complete the terms and condition PDF and return it to us to get the login and password of your Website.

SK Web Developers is not responsible for any problem on your Website once you get the access.

Any problem that you will ask us to fix if a mistake was done from your hand, will be at extra cost.